We are so excited that you have decided to apply for the Dyslexia Advocacy Advantage, the group coaching program designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to transform your dyslexic child’s education!

We know that your time is valuable. So, we want to ensure that our team can provide the knowledge and support that fits your needs before you ever invest a dollar! Please take a moment to answer the following 4 questions and we will let you know if this is the right program for you!

As a thank you, we will provide all qualifying applicants with a link to access our Private Training, “Transforming Your Child’s Education: My Proven Framework to Create the Educational Plan Your Dyslexic Child Needs”. You will learn how I have been shaping the educational plans of students for a decade as well as how this program, The Dyslexia Advocacy Advantage, will help you do the same for your child.